• Masturbating to the worst Live Sex Show Ever

    Is there anything more humiliating than masturbating in front of a static video? (such as the ones in Slutroulette), yes it is even more humiliating to open a free account in livefreefun, pay for the fucking sex, see a huge fat women showing her tits all around the screen screaming your name, pretending she is having an orgasm while another big tit blonde girl is licking her ass and drinks vodka in order to ease the pain.

    I know that self destruction path, because I have been there, I have gotten money for sex as well, so come to the dark side, and spend your hard earned money fucking bitches on line while you are alone at home, fuck you.

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    When I open Facebook after a long break

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    Zachary Levi and Sesame Street Want You To Unplug and Go Outside

    Stop snapping selfies and look up at the spectacular world around you.

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